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    We work with all types of antique and wood furniture, and specialize in the following services for our Massachusetts customers:

    Whether your item is a family heirloom that needs to be fully restored, or a piece you acquired that needs to have restoration services, we are the ones to call! 

    Cleaning and Finishing

    ​Antique Furniture

    Expert services for cleaning, staining, and refinishing for your wood antique furniture. Restore color and shine with our refined antique services. 

    From hardware restoration, to structural repairs, give us a call for expert antique furniture repair services. 

    Antique Furniture Restoration Boston

    Professional Wood furniture Restoration Services serving Greater Boston for over 20 years. Our range of expert services include: 

    • Complete Furniture Restoration
    • Antique Furniture Restoration Services
    • Repairs for Antique Wood Furniture
    • Cleaning and Finishing for Antiques 
    • Structural Repairs for Antique Furniture
    • Veneer Restorations
    • Hardware repair and restoration for antiques

    Call today for a free quote if you need your wood furniture brought back to it's original glory, or fill out the request form on this page to get your free estimate. If you have a photo available, please upload. We service Greater Boston and most of the state of Massachusetts.

    ​We look forward to serving you.

    Our Recent Projects:

    Before and afters of antique dresser restoration projects.

    furniture refinishing Boston ma
    furniture restoration Boston massachusetts
    antique table restoration boston
    furniture refinishing boston

    Before and after of dresser drawers restored, including hardware restoration

    antique furniture restoration service Boston ma
    furniture restoration massachusetts

    Broken antique chair fully restored

    steamer trunks restoration Boston ma
    antique furniture restoration service boston

    Full restoration project for antique vanity/hutch

    antique furniture repair Boston ma
    steamer trunks restoration boston

    Areas We Service

    We provide specialized restoration services for fine wood furnishings and antique wood furniture for Boston, Greater Boston, including all the suburbs such as Waltham, Newton, Wellesley, Milton, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Lexington, Sudbury, and also service many customers in the Framingham area, North Shore, South Shore, as well as towards RI and Cape Cod. We offer pick up and delivery services of your item, with our shop based in Medway where the magic happens! 

    We do not offer on-site restoration services at this time. 

    Fine Furniture Repair

    We stand out from the many other options for furniture repair and maintenance servicing because we specialize in handcrafted and antique furniture. That means that we only service furniture which has lived through decades of use and was likely created by a master craftsman.

    Carpentry, one of the oldest professions, has left a catalog of trends through the ages. The result for many people is having unique and artistic furniture pieces, but not knowing what to do with them. What you should do is to have one of a kind pieces fully restored to their full glory. We are locally owned and take pride in our local staff having expert knowledge and exceptional craftsmanship capabilities. Our wealth of experience allows us to take on complex and challenging jobs that other restorers turn down.

    You should choose us because we provide top-notch work, on time and without the hassle of planning for delivery or having service people in your home. We have cultivated a culture within our team of working honestly and with as much quality as is possible for every single job. That means, from start to finish. We show up at your home to pick up the cabinet, table, armoire, or any other piece of furniture on time, our staff provide outstanding customer service, and then it's delivered back to you on time and on a budget! ​

    Types of Furniture We Repair and Restore:

    • Antique Dressers
    • Antique Tables
    • Wood Chair Restoration
    • End Tables
    • Stools, Footstools
    • Decorative Furniture
    • Wood Door Refinishing
    • Antique Trunk Restoration
    • Antique Hutch Restoration
    • Antique Vanity restoration services
    • Dining Table and Chair Restoration
    • Heirloom furniture restoration
    • Antique furniture hardware restoration
    antique wood furniture restoration Boston ma

    Your Timeless Pieces are in Good Hands with Us

    Do you have valuable, but rather worn-out antique furniture? Perhaps your furniture doesn't need a full restoration, but maybe a simple repair. You need the right experts for the job and can find them at Antique Restoration Pros. Our services focus on delivering the absolute best furniture restoration and repair for antiques to the Greater Boston area.

    Antique furniture restoration service is not something to approach lightly. You need to ensure that you have licensed and insured experts that control the environment for the restoring process. That is exactly what you can expect from Antique Restoration Pros.

    We proudly serve the greater Boston area with nothing but the highest quality of craftsmanship and devotion to quality. As the locally owned and operated antique furniture restoration and repair service, we are the top choice among many who wish to revitalize their antiques.

    Antique furniture restoration is an unconventional craft in that our team members aren't creating something of their own. They are taking only a role in developing the already pristine mastery that the original builder produced. The goal of our restorers isn't to make something their own, but to bring forth the beauty hidden beneath water rings, dings, and faded veneer.

    Our artform is in honoring the time period of the piece and sourcing the best replacement hardware, the tools, and the materials to ensure that any repair would be forever unnoticed. That's the goal for most projects or jobs. However, there are many times that we pivot to ensure that everything you could want. Trunks can be restored into functioning dressers, and more. ​

    Antique Repair

    antique table restoration Boston ma

    Wood furniture repair takes a careful hand that has years of experience. Our team has long trained for furniture repair and worked under our close supervision. We're very proud that our team is composed of expert craftspeople who understand the materials they handle daily.

    Repairs are possible, even in extreme circumstances. A terrible cut into delicately carved pad foot may require extensive work, but our team can handle repairs that take such work. Often people are hesitant to ask for repairs because they're not sure if it will be possible or reasonable. Take an ease and ask for a quote by calling the offices of Antique Restoration Pros. ​

    Furniture Restoration Throughout Massachusetts

    As more people become concerned about constantly replacing the furniture that just can't last through the years. When you have handcrafted or durable furniture, you can restore it rather than replace it. Not only is it extending the life of your furniture, but it ultimately can save you money in the long run.

    It's the old adage of taking care of what you have rather than running out for a replacement. We help reduce the waste of furniture by ensuring that restored furniture is not only functional but beautiful as well. Our trade calls for careful attention to the methods used of crafting high-quality furniture, and we aim to only benefit that quality to enhance it through our own restorative plans.

    If you have a dresser, armoire, desk, door, hutch, and any other type of furniture that needs restoration, then call Antique Restoration Pros. We can provide a free, no-obligation quote so you can plan for a furniture restoration conveniently.

    Learn More About Our Services

    We offer top furniture restoration in Boston and throughout the surrounding areas. Our team strives to revitalize and rejuvenate the furniture, which has given homes and offices glamour and elegance over many years. In Boston, we have a long history of maintaining. You can hardly walk through any region of the city without seeing houses or structures that are hundreds of years old.

    Our goal is to capture that moment in time and bring them into the now. Our vision started over fifteen years ago when we knew that Boston needed a locally owned, and locally operated restoration provider. We successfully accomplished that by starting small in Boston and growing to meet the needs of people throughout the surrounding areas as well.

    Antique Restoration Pros was born to provide people with access to skilled carpenters, affordable repairs, and full restoration for antique furniture. Now we're happy to say that we've accomplished countless jobs in more than 20 years of experience.

    Our team of expert contractors work with craftsmanship in mind. We provide this work with full insurance to ensure that there's nothing that could possibly go amiss. One of our goals is to bring back the original allure and beauty of the piece. We accomplish that goal daily. We have a deep respect for the mastery of age-old craftsmen.

    Antique Restoration Pros always provide services on time, respecting the quote provided, within budget, and with the top skill. You get local help to revitalize and revive your home by bringing back the original grace of your antique furniture. Our team members work with the utmost focus on safety and retaining the integrity of the furniture. Call now or complete our online quote form to get in touch with us. ​