Antique Chair Restoration

Unlike the chairs you find now in giant warehouses or ordered online, antique chairs were an art. Beautiful chairs in various styles didn't just serve a function or a purpose. They set the scene. The right chair in a parlor, sitting room, or foyer would create a mood that would emanate throughout the house.

Now, people use these chairs in various styles to accomplish that same task. Showcase your piece of art in its full glory with antique chair repair. We love restoring antique chairs, footstools, highback chairs and more. Wood carved chairs carry a lot of character and beauty, and bringing them back to life is very fulfilling and inspiring work.

Antique Furniture Restoration Boston

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    Antique Chair Repair Services, Boston

    Chairs in their many different forms provide a different essence to the room and the house. They bring forward the setting from their different time periods and offer various levels of comfort or visual intrigue.

    We restore Windsor chairs that provide an all-wood seat and back with an ornate system of the woodwork. Fauteuils which combine comfort with functionality, the Burgere a luxury seating option, and the statement piece; Chaise Lounge.

    While there are countless designs, each embodying the time period as well as the designer, we service them all. Because of our in-depth knowledge of the many designs and functioning elements of antique chairs, we can offer services that restore rather than update.

    Antique chairs pull from a wide variety of visual elements to construct a story. Its feet and ornamental designs will tell much about its designer. While the wood used for its construction and how it has aged will expose its origins and purpose.

    Working with antique chairs doesn't simply mean replacing the damaged portion. Instead, it calls for the expert restorer to assess the damage and plan out repairs that will not diminish the originality of the chair. ​

    Wood Chair Repair Guide

    When conducting wood chair repairs, we always research the time frame and designer of the original piece. Furniture consistencies such as the composition of legs and feet guide our restorers through their repairs.

    Legs, feet, backings, and more all offer ornamental aspects. Honoring those original designs, the wood choice and more are requirements for proper repair.

    As Antique Restoration Pros approaches every repair with a unique eye, our experts determine exactly what needs to be done to mimic the original design. We've worked on everything from Flemish Scroll Legs to Fluted Legs, Ribbon backs to Yoke Backs, and everything in between.

    The extent of our repair abilities stems from our many years of experience. Antique Restoration Pros has serviced Boston and the many surrounding towns and cities for over fifteen years. At that time, we've addressed immeasurable chair restorations. Every order is unique, and we know that going in. Our team of experts doesn't have one single method or tool that solves repair or restoration problems for chairs. Instead, we use all the tools and knowledge available across our team to ensure that each chair gets the attention it needs and deserves.

    Call Antique Restoration Pros for help with your antique chair now. We can plan out a successful restoration of an antique chair or schedule for minor repairs as well as major repairs. ​