Antique Dresser Restoration Boston

Dressers, specifically antique ones, can serve such great use in any bedroom. When you begin to question whether your antique dresser needs restoration, you might consider its current state. Does your dresser have watermarks, deep scratches, notches, or fading?

If you have an antique dresser that hasn't had a restoration yet, then it probably does need one. Dressers, unlike cabinets, go through constant use. Often people realize that their antique dresser is antique, but not that it's in deep need of restoration. Old does not also have to mean beaten up.

Get your dresser fully restored by our Antique Restoration Pros, the best in Boston, and the many surrounding cities. ​

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    Antique Dresser Restoration Process

    ​Not every restoration is a huge transformative or drastic makeover. Our restoration process varies depending on the full extent of the wear and tear. Our process will always start with careful cleaning.

    Afterward we may go through with wax, and restorative cleaning agent. Or, we might plan on giving the wood a slight tooth, and then waxing. In all, a dramatic transformation could use wax, various cleaners, sandpaper or steel wool, stain, veneer, and more. Our goal is to eliminate stains from food, water, burns, and even deep scratches while preserving the original piece of furniture.

    Although the beauty of antiques often lay in small character markings, it's not as though you want something so scared that it looks overly used. Ideally, we refresh pieces.

    Drawers and Hardware Consideration

    As part of our restoration process, we look at both hardware and the function of the drawers. Drawers should open and close smoothly without hitch or drag. Unlike newer furniture, antique drawers often didn't use drawer slides or runners with a metal attachment. Instead, they were built with careful grooves to ensure that each would smoothly run for decades or longer.

    If your drawers aren't running smoothly, they may require retooling, planning, or refitting. As part of a restoration, you should expect all of your drawers to open as though they were new.

    Hardware, however, may not always be able to look new. Metals can wear down over time. They can rust, take on build-up, and make it unsightly to put back onto the dresser. If the hardware cannot be restored, it should be matched with the most on-point match for the time and design of the dresser.

    Dresser hardware is often ornate with scalloping, filigree, or ivy casting. ​

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    Stripping and Staining

    Antique wood furniture restoration often calls for stripping and staining. Many customers worry that this would remove the very essence of the antiquity. With master craftspeople behind the process, that's not the case. Antique Restoration Pros works with the goal of remaining the top furniture restoration Massachusetts. To do that, we know that we need to always respect the original work.

    Schedule your full dresser restoration with regard to the wood, the drawers, and the hardware. We aim to provide stunning revivals and long-standing work. Call Antique Restoration Pros to arrange for your restoration today. You can always start with a free quote! ​