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  • Restoring water or fire damaged antiques
  • Family Heirloom restoration
  • Hand-finished by applying lacquers and compounds for longevity
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    Antique furniture restoration Service, Massachusetts

    During our antique wood furniture repairs, primarily restoring tables starts with identifying the style of the furniture. The style will include the specific shapes, legs, feet, structural qualities, and time period.

    Each table style serves a different purpose. For example, the Dalimune is a particular piece that serves a clear function. The Dalimune table would go through long periods of storage against a wall and then have a leaf or a portion that would raise up for serving later. Just as Kang tables would often be in easily visible areas and served the role of a cocktail table, although they were often used for relaxing.

    Restoring wood tables and antique wood pieces is not a DIY project. Although many try to navigate the complexities of retaining the quality of the wood, many can't complete the job with the desired results. The purpose of each different table style and the materials used while crafting it should direct the person working on the table to know what steps to take. Let us help you with your project! With all the right tools, knowledge of furniture, and expertise, you can trust your antique wood furniture to our process for restoration. 

    Antique Table Restoration, Boston MA

    Tables are often the focal point of many great rooms. Dining rooms center around the table, bringing people together. Conversation or sitting rooms often find a central balance through the design of the coffee table or multiple end tables. Entryways host tables for function and appeal, and there's no doubt that any room with a table can bring people together.

    Antique tables, however, have taken on a rather high value as lately. While many Americans are finding mass-manufactured furniture to not only lack visual appeal, but also aren't generally safe. With countless reports of new-age, mass-manufactured furniture leading to injuries, people are considering the high-value of antique tables.

    Handcrafted and antique tables deliver something that no one else can. Each designer and carpenter used unique tools and favored different woods and techniques. No two handcrafted tables could ever be the same. ​

    furniture restoration Boston ma

    Furniture Stripping and Refinishing Services

    Stripping and refinishing are something to carefully weigh. Often restoration takes as few liberties as possible. However, you should carefully go through what the table needs. If the table needs a new finish, stain, or requires stripping, then be sure you have a professional working on the job.

    Pieces that are masterpieces will require careful planning, especially if the plan is to recreate the initial image of the table. Stripping and sanding are invasive, and as little work as possible is always desirable.

    At Antique Restoration Pros, our team evaluates the options available and then discusses the ideal approach with you. If we can avoid stripping or harsh approaches to restoration, we will, however, these tables last through generations of constant use, and rough damage. Moving, changes inside the house such as humidity and temperature, and more can result in substantial damage.

    Call for for a free quote on your table restoration, or antique table repair.  With our years of expert work, you can rest assured that your antique furniture is with the best craftsman in Boston. Schedule your repairs at times that are convenient for you with the support of certified and experienced antique furniture repairpersons. ​