Benefits of Restoring Your Antiques

Typically there are a few curators of family heirlooms within any given family. Restored antique furniture doesn't have to come from generations past. In fact, you can find many good deals on antique furniture in consignment shops, thrift stores, and even online. Having those pieces restored can help build a new collection of valuable and stunning furniture pieces to keep within your family.

Additionally, modern-day furniture appears exceptionally affordable. That is until you're buying a new dresser every three or four years. Antique or handcrafted furniture, however, often lasts for decades, if not well over a century. Spending more on antique furniture or its restoration one time can save you from replacing cheap furniture again and again over the years.

As a valuable addition to your home and your family, restoring antique furniture can help you in many ways. Grow the value of your family assets and cultivate a rich collection of quality heirlooms to hand down along the next generations. ​

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    Where to Restore Antique Furniture

    Our Process for Antique Furniture Restoration and Repairs

    To ensure minimal disruption to your household, Antique Restoration Pros picks up the furniture and works on it in our shop. Everything comes right to our shop where we do everything.

    Taking the furniture out of your home allows us to manage each step. From sanding to finishing, we need a clean and controlled environment. Between each step, we must ensure that the furniture had dried fully and that there's no settled debris to disturb the next phase.

    After full completion of the project, we deliver the furniture back to you. Moving antique furniture is often a unique obstacle for families. Often the future is extremely heavy, and of course, there's concern that it will take on some damage during transport. That's not a concern with us.

    At Antique Restoration Pros, we carry full insurance and have over 20 years of experience in moving and restoring antique furniture. You can take peace in knowing that your antique furniture is in the best hands possible and that it's restored in a safe, clean, and controlled environment.

    Set up a plan for your convenient pick-up and delivery today. Call Antique Restoration Pros and get full support for your restoration or repair now. Our staff is ready and waiting to help you get your free quote and schedule a time that suits your family. When you get your quote, you'll have a full explanation of each necessary step and why they are needed. ​

    Areas We Cover

    Furniture restoration in Boston is hard to find , and because of that, we've expanded our reach. We aim to help as many people with their antique furniture restoration as possible.

    Antique Restoration Pros services a huge portion of Massachusetts. Our team works about 35 miles outside of Boston. While we love working in Boston, we also provide antique restoration services to:

    • Brookline
    • Somerville
    • Charlestown
    • Cambridge
    • Lexington
    • Wellesley
    • Newton
    • Chestnut Hill
    • Brighton​.. and much more

    Antique Furniture Restoration Boston MA

    Boston and the greater Boston area has such a rich history. From the time of early colonization, Boston stood out in both carpentry and crafting out the top designs of the time. The result is that many households, families, and individuals have a treasured piece of American history. Or, they have antiques brought over from other lands, worked into the households of the families here. 

    To find out if our services are available in your town, call us today. Our staff will happily explain whether we can reach your area and provide a free quote. Call our Antique Restoration Pros to get started on any of your furniture restoration in Massachusetts.