Antique Trunk Restoration, Boston MA

Trunks once served as the vessels of many special items. Clothing, books, and all variety of valuables were stored in trunks and chests. Although people have now stemmed from storage facilities, the air and sanctity of an antique trunk is still something that people marvel at. In your home, you have the chance to bring a bit of history to life. ​

Antique trunks now stand out as a passport to the past. Whether you choose to restore them to their original function or to repurpose them as functional and innovative modern statement pieces, we can help. Flat top antique trunks are making waves as coffee or entrance tables, while dome chests are becoming useful pieces that change the mood of a room.

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    Antique Trunk and Chest Repair Services, Boston MA

    ​Our trunk and chest repair plans always come down to materials. The hardware's originality, as well as the wood, leather, and interior layers of the trunk or chest, are critical. Our repairs typically center around retaining the original quality. But we like to retain the original hardware and finishing if possible.

    With a combination of expert woodworking, finishing, carpentry, and assessment of damage, our repair techniques have never failed us. Because our team is made up of experts and excellent craftspeople, we can reliably take on any job. ​

    Restoring Antique Trunks

    Trunk restoration starts with a deep understanding of its original design and function. Travel trunks made purely for function can still embody extraordinary visual design. Just the same, decorative and luxurious trunks bring in a blend of beauty, leather-working, design, and more.

    Turn to the best to restore your antique trunk into a beautiful statement piece within your home. Use it to hold blankets, store clothing, or more.

    Our trunk restoration always starts with removing the original paper, which may have gone through hundreds of years of damage. Afterward, we go through and restore the interior naturally to eliminate musty odors without unnecessary chemicals that may compromise the integrity of the trunk.

    From washing, finishing, and addressing the cleanliness of the trunk, we keep a close eye at all the nooks and crannies. Our teams have a keen eye for detail, and when it comes to trunks, we know we must pull out all of our skills. ​

    Antique Furniture Restoration Boston MA

    Steamer Trunk Restoration

    Steamer trunks, often called "cabin trunks," were used as luggage purely for travel. They were built for function, and many people are transitioning them to use as dressers. They're extraordinarily elaborate and can easily weigh over a hundred pounds.

    Families have held onto steamer trunks because of their high value and that quality in craftsmanship.

    Contact Antique Restoration Pros for help with any of your trunk or chest restoration needs. Rising trends in antique additions to a home are bringing the value of a well-finished trunk to the forefront of many homeowners' thoughts. You can arrange for your trunk to go through a complete restoration to bring forward its timeless beauty. ​